Short Horror FIlm: Five young girls get more than they bargained for when a mysterious package arrives on their doorstep.

Genre Film Challenge: Two private detectives sit down for an innocuous game of cards, but slowly motive and means for murder are revealed.

Written and Directed by Henry Vander Hill and Kyle Tam

Cast: Tom - Will Rhodes Jason - Henry Vander Hill

Music: Ivor Slaney - Dramatic Thematic Film Series No.

What is Minnesota's 3 Man 3 Gun match?

Journalistic video; Camera and Editor with existing content.

Instructional video for JP Enterprises.

Camera and Editor.

The Download. Great Clips’ corporate employee news program.

Camera and Editor with existing content.

Talk Business 360 piece. Edited using existing content.

Stylist centric video on keeping salons clean. Great Clips, Inc.

Camera and Editor.